Monday, October 7, 2013

Grammar Cat #64: Coffee Cat

Can you help this cat? Think about how to improve the English and then click "Show Correct Cat" to see a corrected version. There are some English notes at the bottom; if you have a question that is not answered there, leave a comment!

JUS POOR TEH COFFEH = Just pour the coffee,
The word "pour" is for liquids; the word "poor" is the opposite of "rich." Notice also that there is a comma here before the "and" which is joining these two clauses.

THEN = and then
You need a conjunction to join these clauses in a compound sentence.

BAK AWAY SLOW = back away slowly,
You need an adverb here, "slowly." The word "slow" is an adjective. In colloquial English, "slow" can also be used as an adverb, but in formal written English, "slowly" is the adverbial form.

VRY SLOW = very slowly.
Don't forget the final punctuation. If you want a more dramatic pause there, you could make "Very slowly" into a separate sentence:
Just pour the coffee, and then back away slowly. Very slowly.

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