Friday, June 7, 2013

Grammar Cat #11: DVD Cat

Can you help this cat? Think about how to improve the English and then click "Show Correct Cat" to see a corrected version. There are some English notes at the bottom; if you have a question that is not answered there, leave a comment!

IM = I'm
This is a contraction: I + am = I'm (the apostrophe takes the place of the missing letter).

IN YUR DVDZ = in your DVDs,
Notice that there is a comma here. The participle "cataloging" is about the cat doing the cataloging  Because the noun that goes with the participle is all the way back at the beginning of the sentence (I = the cat), you need a comma to separate the participle from the nearer noun (DVDs).

KATALOGGING YUR MUSICS = cataloging your music.
The English word "music" is not used in the plural, and note the two possible spellings of the participle:
cataloging - American English, from the verb "to catalog"
cataloguing - British English, from the verb "to catalogue"


  1. that's cataloguing. (Maybe the Americans drop the U?), but they don't need 2 Gs in the middle.

  2. Oh, my mistake: the standard verb in American English is actually just catalog (same as for the noun - no u, no e) - but I forgot to correct the cat's double g. Thank you! Maybe I will make two correct ones, so that cataloguing can have its say also!